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Why You Should Book Your Portable Toilets In Advance

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Looking to hire portable toilets? If it’s for a job, event or anything time sensitive, you should book them in advance. Hiring them in plenty of time can make sure you get them secured for your specific dates and times. You wouldn’t want to be caught short!

High Demand

During the height of the pandemic, the demand for loos grew quite a bit. Vaccination centres popped up around the country. They all needed mobile facilities, and some of them still do. This caused a lot of them to be booked up, leaving a shortage of loos when lockdown ended. To avoid unexpected circumstances scuppering your plans, it’s best to book portable toilets as soon as you know when you want them.

If you work in construction, you may be accustomed to having a mobile loo due to the nature of building sites. Health And Safety Executive outlines that toilets are essential. If a project is planned but demand increases, it could mean a job is delayed solely because of a lack of toilets!

Festival Season

During the summer, festivals take up a lot of our hiring capacity. Lots of people attend concerts during the months of June, July and August. This is one of the busiest times of the year for portable toilets businesses.

Glastonbury didn’t happen in 2012, and part of the reasoning for this was the demand for loos. This was at the same time as the London Olympics, so they couldn’t get enough security and portable toilets shot up in price. So, keep in mind if you’re hosting a festival, you probably want to book in advance.

Don’t forget about the smaller events that require toilets as well. The warmer months see the peak of fetes, weddings and country fairs. Most of these events will require the right facilities, so make sure you pre-book on time to avoid the rigmarole of last-minute stress.

outdoor festival event
outdoor wedding event

Larger Events Require More Portable Toilets

It’s not just the summer months that see a rise in loo leasing, but Christmas is a popular time too. There are lots of corporate events that happen over the festival period, not to mention Christmas markets taking over towns and cities.

If you’re hosting a larger event, it’s important you secure your collection of loos ASAP. Requiring a larger number of restrooms means you must get in there quick before they get snapped up. Especially if a company has a limited amount of stock. You’ll need to make sure you stay ahead of demand spikes.

Get In Touch With City Loo Hire For Portable Toilets

To avoid disappointment, it’s better to book your loo hire in advance. Contact our team today to arrange facilities for your event, and it can give you the peace of mind that it’s taken care of.

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