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Welfare Units Swansea

Improve your on-site sanitation and storage capabilities by introducing welfare units in Swansea and on other ill-equipped sites across the Mid, West and South of Wales. Welfare units provide all the must-have amenities needed for long days off the grid. Fully powered by a 6kVA generator, our surprisingly roomy, 12′ x 7’6″ self-contained units benefit from a seating area, food and drink prep facilities, toilet and washing areas with both hot and cold water supply, and a warm room. Our experienced team can safely transport your unit to and from your site, as well as provide weekly portable loo cleaning for the duration of your project. While most commonly used on construction sites, these cabins can also make excellent temporary changing rooms or mobile offices in other settings, such as for schools or at sporting events. We also have secure storage-only units for storing valuable equipment and materials. Contact us to arrange delivery or request a quotation.

Standard Welfare Cabins For Construction Sites

We have been supplying mobile welfare cabins for the construction sector for many years. Entirely self-contained, they offer all the essential facilities for supporting physical and mental wellbeing, such as sanitation, rest and refreshment. Cabins make an excellent messroom for employees or can double up as a site office. Specifically, we supply the GP360 and GP500 standard models, suitable for a range of applications.

GP360 & GP500 Welfare Cabin Specifications

If the site is dirty, you should also supply your team with access to a shower. We also have shower units available for both long and short term hire.

Groundhog Mobile Storage Units

Built using tried and tested techniques, these robust and secure storage units are perfect for on-site storage and safe stowing of equipment and tools. They have anti-vandal properties and are welded for ultimate protection, as well as having hidden hinges, three-point locking and Hercules Chubb locks. Units also benefit from detachable, low-level fitting eyes and are available in your own livery colours.

All Steel Construction

Steel construction is one of the most secure welfare units you can find.

Ground Lowering Mechanism

A lowering system which enables the unit to be secured at ground level when sited. Also enabling a safe entry and exit by personnel without the requirement for steps.

Highly Secure Double Lock Door

Steel personnel doors built in with a locking mechanism along with hidden hinges.

Highly Secure Window Shutters

All windows are protected by steel shutters.  Locked internally and can only be opened from inside.

Secure Nose Cone

The nose cone security cover is a swing operated hood that protects the towing coupling and when locked, prevents the unit from being removed off site.

Mobile Welfare Units For Hire

We have several GP360 mobile welfare units for hire. They come complete with delivery, set-up, maintenance and collection services to sites across South Wales. Hire prices will include delivery and collection, a generator and weekly toilet cleaning as required. Also, for an additional fee, we can offer fuel replenishment for your generator for the duration of hire. This optional extra is particularly beneficial for events or building projects situated in remote locations, and is a cost-effective solution. We can schedule delivery and collection to suit your operating times, so speak to us for more information.

WCs For Construction Sites

In addition to our units, we also supply portable WCs for construction sites. You can station these familiar portable toilet units across your worksite for easy access and minimal real estate use. As such, they can complement self-contained cabin hire if you are keen to reduce your costs and save on space. We also offer weekly cleaning and emptying services to help maintain good hygiene levels on your construction site.

Hire & Specification FAQs

Yes, both the GP360 and the GP500 welfare units boast full steel construction, secure double lock doors, high security shutters on the windows and a security cover for the nose cone to prevent theft.

Yes, the GP360 and GP500 units provide all services, essential for construction site workers surrounding hygiene, health, safety and well-being. They also have an up to date electrical installation test certificate.

Welfare unit hire prices will vary depending on hire duration, location, number of units needed, whether you require fuel delivery etc. As such, we provide prices on a case by case basis to ensure everyone gets the best value for money and enough equipment to suit their needs. Quotes are free without obligation, so get in touch today to get yours!

Welfare cabins can be rented on a long-term basis, be it days, weeks or even months! We understand the challenges facing the construction sector and so our equipment is at your disposal for as long as it is needed. Speak to us about your requirements and we can help you calculate the level of sanitation hire needed for your project.

The guidance from the Health and Safety Executive advises that, where portable lavatories are in use, you should have 1 unit per 7 staff members working 40 hours per week. However, in the case of demolition sites, it also states that staff must have access to running water, seating, and consumables. Therefore, in these cases, welfare or shower units should also be supplied. You have a duty of care and a legal responsibility to ensure there are adequate facilities on-site, and we have plenty available to help you keep your site compliant.

Welfare Hire T&C’s

The hirer is responsible for the equipment whilst on hire for any loss or damage.
Exclusions: Insurance, Access, Ground Conditions, Adverse Weather Conditions, Fire Fighting Equipment. Supply Only. Replenishment of fuel will be invoiced accordingly if required.

Cancellation: Full payment will be due on cancellation if under 4 weeks before event. If cancellation is made prior to 4 weeks a 30% cancellation fee will be payable.

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