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The Economic Benefits of Portable Toilet Hire in Newport

Portable Toilets at a festival

Did you know that there are economic benefits to hiring portable toilets? As well as being convenient for outdoor events, construction workers and festivals, portable sanitation stations have a number of other benefits.

If you’re hosting an event in Newport, you need to consider portable toilet hire. City Loo Hire have enough facilities to cater to over 10,000 attendees, so no matter the scale of your event, we can help. Read on to find out more about why you should choose portable toilet hire in Newport.

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Environmental & Economic Benefits of Portable Toilets

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of plastic toilet pods. However, there are a few environmental and economic benefits of portable toilets. We’ve made a list of the most important ones, but there are many more excellent reasons to choose toilet hire.

Conserve Water

Because the majority of portable toilets work by using chemicals to break down waste, they use significantly less water than a standard flushing toilet.

No Electricity

Standard portable toilets are standalone facilities that don’t require a water or electricity connection. There are vents that let in enough natural light for ease of use.

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Protect Nature

Because portable toilets contain and treat waste in one elegant system, the environment is protected. People won’t relieve themselves in trees or bushes, where the toxins associated with human waste can damage plant life. This is a huge economic benefit of portable toilets, and the main reason that they’re essential for outdoor occasions.

Disease Control

Human waste is a hazard in itself, but if it’s not dealt with properly it can become even more dangerous. Insects and parasites are attracted to the waste and disease can spread from this quickly. By allowing people to use the safe, contained facilities in a portable toilet, you’re eradicating the risk of spreading dangerous biohazards.

For Economic Portable Toilets in Newport, Call City Loo Hire Today

We’re proud to offer a quick and efficient service, providing sanitary portable toilets throughout Newport and South Wales. Our team provide facilities for over 10,000 event attendees and deliver ongoing maintenance for the duration of your event.

We also supply portable toilets to the construction industry. The economic benefits of portable toilets can positively impact any project! Give City Loo Hire a call today. We can discuss your needs and you’ll discover the wide range of facilities we have to offer.

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