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How Many Portable Toilets Does Your Event Need?

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Are you looking for event toilet hire? Wondering how many you need? From concerts to camping fields and sports matches to summer fetes, portable loos are necessary for all guests. It might seem hard to figure out how many you need, so we’ve put together everything you need to make sure you’ve covered all bases. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you’re looking at toilet hire for an event:

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How Big Is It?

Put simply, the more guests there are, the more loos needed. Generally, it’s suggested for larger occasions to hire 12 per 1000 guests, and 1 per 100 guests for smaller gatherings. However, there are a few more points to think about for your event toilet hire. Not only is the number of guests important, but how big the actual venue is may demand more WCs. You may want to think about how far attendees will have to walk to the facilities, and whether there’s a need to have them in different areas. There’s nothing worse than not knowing where the nearest loos are!

How Long Will It Last?

Depending on the length of the gathering, more facilities may be required. You’ll want to think about cutting down queues to avoid any health and safety problems. As a guide, we’ve created a handy table to help you assess how many you’ll need. For example, with 4 hours of use and around 250 guests, we think 2 lavatories are enough.

Will There Be Food And Drink?

If you’re providing refreshments, naturally guests will be looking to use the facilities a little more. Also, if alcohol is going to be served, we think you’ll need to increase the number of loos. So, if you’re planning a music festival, it’s likely that more WCs will be needed.

Who Is Attending?

If there is an obvious gender divide in who is attending, it’s sensible to factor this in. For instance, urinals will reduce queue times so there are fewer crowds, this will help keep people safe. We also recommend having accessible cubicles too, as all guests will need to be accommodated.

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Find Out More About Event Toilet Hire

If you’ve got an event approaching and are unsure about how many portable toilets to hire, get in touch with City Loo Hire today. We are happy to advise on the exact number of WCs you’ll need based on your specific needs.

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