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How Sanitary Is A Portable Toilet?

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Portable toilets have a bad reputation in some circles. There are many horror stories, so in some ways it’s understandable why people can feel so negative about them. However, the toilet itself is rarely the issue. At City Loo Hire, we pride ourselves on providing sanitary and comfortable toilet facilities. We’re going to explain why you should trust our toilets.

Get The Right Amount Of Toilets

A big mistake that a lot of events seem to make is not hiring enough toilets. Too few facilities often results in long queues, and means there will be further delays when emptying and cleaning needs to be carried out. As well as that, cramming everyone into just a handful of toilets will inevitably result in the cleanliness reducing more quickly.

To ensure that your portable loos remain hygienic and pleasant, make sure that you’re hiring enough. You need to factor in the number of people you expect to be there, whether there’s food and drink and if you’ll need multiple toilet stations spread throughout the site.

porta loos on site

Hygiene Needs To Be Maintained

There’s no use in hiring lots of toilets if you’re not also going to get them cleaned. Even normal bathrooms need to be cleaned regularly, so it would be silly not to give your portable toilet the same treatment. Depending on the length of hire, they may need to be emptied while on site. They’ll also need to be cleaned. This is usually done with steam, which can sterilise any bacteria without leaving hazardous chemicals behind.

Why Are Festival Portable Toilets So Bad?

Nowadays, most festival providers are more clued up on hygiene and want to provide safe facilities to their guests. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still a few bad experiences. Many people still find that there’s a lack of toilet roll and hand sanitiser. There can also be some pretty long queues at some festivals. Unfortunately, this is usually a result of poor planning.

Festivals have become a lot better at planning their portable toilet hire, but it’s still not always perfect. On some occasions, queues are unavoidable. For example, when toilets are placed next to the main stages, they often become crowded in between acts. In most cases, if you’re willing to walk a little further to another area, the toilets are often cleaner and less busy.

For Portable Toilets, Choose City Loo Hire

If you need to hire portable toilets for your event, look no further than City Loo Hire. We cover all of South Wales with our services and can consult with you to ensure you have the right amount of facilities for your event. By using us, you can be reassured that your toilets will be clean and comfortable throughout your hire period.

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