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How To Maintain Your Hygiene Outdoors

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Have an event coming up, but worried about staying fresh in the great outdoors? This is particularly relevant you have limited access to hygiene facilities. Even if you can last three days without showering (and not everyone can), it’s important to keep your basic hygiene up – for the good of others and yourself! Keep reading to discover our top sanitation tips when you’re basking in mother nature.

Hand Sanitising & Washing

As you might expect, keeping your hands clean is vital if you don’t have access to running water and soap. Whether you’re outside for a few hours or a few days, clean hands will protect you from nasty infections and diseases you can contract from poor sanitation habits. This is especially true if you’re handling food.

If you have access to running water (stagnant water accrues harmful bacteria, so avoid it at all costs), consider bringing a biodegradable soap. On top of keeping your hands clean, it can also be used to keep your body fresh. Plus, it’s not damaging to the environment or local ecosystems, which is always a bonus.

Non-Scented & Biodegradable Wipes

If you have no access to running water, baby wipes will do an admirable job keeping you fresh. As with your soaps, it’s important to ensure your products are biodegradable if you don’t have access to rubbish facilities. If you’re outdoors for a number of days, don’t bring anything scented — otherwise you can expect unwanted company in your tent. You’ll also be more attractive to blood-thirsty insects, so keep it light on the fragrance to avoid bites and bumps.

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Clean & Anti-Odour Clothing

Unsurprisingly, an effective way of keeping fresh is to change your clothes at regular intervals. When you’re sweaty or dirty, your clothes will fester alongside you. If you’re outdoors for a few days, it may be wise to invest in breathable cotton or linen fabrics. They’ll do a better job of staving off foul odours and sweat, keeping you cleaner for longer.

Changing regularly is a successful solution to sweat and moisture if you don’t have access to shower facilities. The same can also be said for your feet. Swap out your socks regularly for breathable alternatives to deter bacteria growth.

Hire A Luxury VIP Lavatory

For the crème de la crème of venue hygiene, consider investing in our glamourous VIP lavatories. For prestigious outdoor venues like weddings, you want your guests to have access to high-end facilities that accommodate their sanitation needs. Our toilet units are equipped with soap, sinks and vanity stations for optimum hygiene practices. For peace of mind, they’re regularly cleaned and restocked by one of our professional engineers.

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Contact Us For Portable Unit & Shower Hire Today

For top-tier and luxury sanitation outdoors, get in touch with City Loo Hire today. Whether you need us for weddings, private events or festivals, we’ll have a solution that benefits your venue. We can supply toilets, showers, VIP units and mobile welfare units. Contact us for competitive prices and free estimates.

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