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What Are The Legal Requirements For Toilets & Washing Facilities In The Workplace?

Toilets on a construction site

All workplaces with employees are subjected to legal requirements when it comes to sanitation. These dictate that every reasonable effort must be made to provide toilets and washing facilities to all workers, no matter how long they’re expected to work for. The exact wording states that there must be ‘adequate’ facilities – but what does this mean?

What Are Adequate Toilet & Washing Facilities?

This will depend on the workplace, the number of employees and who the employees are. If the toilets provided are only suitable for male employees but there are female members of staff, this would not be considered as adequate.

The toilets should have locks for privacy, and should be fitted with appropriate items like bins, toilet paper and washing facilities. There also needs to be a way to dry hands, so paper towels or hot air dryers will also be needed. The facilities must be easy to tidy and maintain, and should always be kept suitably clean.

toilet roll on shelf

Do Workplaces Need Showers?

Sometimes, it depends on the nature of the workplace. If employees are likely to get dirty at work and require a proper wash to return home sanitary, then showers may be a legal requirement. This is most often the case on construction sites. In those cases, a portable welfare unit will be the most reasonable solution, as it can meet the hygiene requirements of the site without the need to install permanent plumbing.

Toilets In Non-Permanent Workplaces

Construction sites are not always fitted with permanent washing facilities. Employers cannot expect workers to use public facilities when working on site, so it’s their responsibility to ensure that enough portable toilets are hired to meet the worker’s needs. Where possible, they should provide running water and flushing toilets, though this isn’t always an option. At a minimum, there should be a toilet and sanitation.

For Temporary Toilets & Washing Facilities, Choose City Loo Hire

No matter whether you run a construction site or a different workspace that requires temporary toilets and washing facilities, City Loo Hire can help. We can provide a number of toilet and welfare facilities that can meet the legal requirements of your site. This means that your employees will be able to maintain their hygiene and comfort at work.

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