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How To Take Care Of Portable Toilets

If you’re hiring out portable toilets for an event, you’ll want to make sure that they stay in great condition. Often these units get a bad rep from large festivals, but as long as they’re looked after correctly you’ll have great loo facilities. At City Loo Hire, we can provide all the cleaning and emptying you require. If you want to hire out these units for places like campsites, private events, weddings, sports events or something similar, find out how to keep on top of maintenance below.

Ensure Correct Quantity

Keeping portable toilets in check is a doddle if you ensure that you hire the correct amount of units in the first place. The state they could get in if they are overused will get in the way of upkeep. Always make sure you estimate how many you need correctly by using our useful guide. This way, the loos won’t fill up as fast and require consistent maintenance.

Get Regular Emptying Services

It’s important to ensure that sufficient emptying is organised for portable toilets. Depending on how long the hire period is, there should be regular emptying services scheduled in line with how busy the event is, how long it is, and whether food or drink is being served. Make sure this is frequent if it’s going to be a larger event. The last thing you need is long queues for the bathroom!

Call In The Professionals

As well as emptying services, as event organisers you’ll want the portable toilets to look great as well. If your hire period is a long time, you can ask for cleaning services which will give the units a deep clean. We can provide weekly cleaning services where we replenish the amenities in the unit. This includes fresh water, chemicals, toilet rolls and hand sanitisers. Or for large scale hires, we may recommend that our daily services are required.

Request An Attendant

At City Loo Hire, you can let us know if you would like an attendant present during an event. This person will then ensure that the loos are given a basic clean and are topped up with supplies. If toilet roll runs out, or the hand soap gets used up, these attendants will be able to deal with that problem. Having an attendant will ensure that the portable toilets are looked after and stay in a clean condition.

Portable Toilet being emptied

For Portable Toilets, Contact City Loo Hire

As well as our hire and cleaning packages, we can also provide standalone toilet cleaning services. Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your hire options and how often we recommend emptying and cleaning.

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