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VIP Toilets vs Portable Toilets. What’s Best For Your Event Toilet Hire?

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Portable toilets don’t usually inspire feelings of comfort and luxury. Outdoor functions typically call for portable toilet hire, but that doesn’t mean you have to go for traditional cubicles. For occasions such as weddings, corporate events and other private functions, a VIP toilet is a much better choice.

Let’s take a look at VIP toilets and compare them to traditional portable toilets. This should help you make your mind up and decide which is the best option for your loo hire.


Your wedding is a very special day for you and your guests. If you decide to have an outdoor event, you’ll need to think about loo hire. You’ll want your guests to feel comfortable, so it’s important to consider them when making a decision. For larger events with a variety of guests, it might make sense to hire a combination of both VIP and standard portable toilets, so everyone has a place to go.

Outdoor Wedding With Drinks

VIP Toilets for Weddings

VIP toilets add an extra touch of luxury to your wedding. Guests will have access to flushing toilets with soap, sinks and large mirrors. This is a very practical option as there’s more space for guests to freshen up than a plastic cubicle offers. If you know that your guests will be wearing long, formal dresses it’s much better to give them the extra space that a VIP toilet hire offers.

Portable Toilets for Weddings

There’s no rule that states that you can’t go for a bog standard plastic loo hire. Traditional portable toilets are functional and meet the UK’s health & safety standards. They’re easy to put up and have just enough space to do your business. Hand sanitiser is provided and the doors lock for privacy.

Corporate Events

Perhaps your company is organising a networking event or staff party in the great outdoors.

No matter how large or small the party is, loo hire will be an essential if there aren’t any nearby facilities.

VIP Toilets for Corporate Events

Your guests will be grateful for luxury facilities. VIP toilets signify that you care about your guests and makes them feel special. If your event involves networking with potential clients, don’t let them judge you on your toilet hire.

Portable Toilets for Corporate Events

If your event is going to be packed full of guests, City Loo’s standard toilet hire will be able to service up to 10,000 people – and more! You’ll need to make sure that there are adequate facilities for all of your guests so that you don’t fall short of your duty of care.

vip portable toilet

Choose City Loo Hire for VIP Toilets and Portable Toilets in Swansea & South Wales

City Loo Hire have a range of VIP and standard portable toilets for hire. Our facilities are clean, reasonably priced and fuss-free.

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements and get a quote. We can give you expert advice to ensure that your outdoor event is memorable for the right reasons.

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