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Portable Shower Hire: When Do You Need Them?

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Interested in portable shower hire? Washing with warm water can be a blessing in sites that don’t have a proper bathroom. Whether it’s a country fair or cycling event, these cleaning facilities are useful for guests who want to stay fresh. So, where else would you need to rent them out? Here are just some places you might want portable showers.

Portable Shower Hire For Festivals

While music festivals are fun experiences, they are also very dirty ones. A UK festival is also probably going to fall victim to a few downpours. With muddy wellies and sweaty bodies, they are known for getting very messy. This is where a warm shower will be a godsend. While die-hard festival goers may embrace the no-shower tradition, it’s not something that most of us would want to endure. There’s no better addition to any event than a functional shower. Mobile facilities are perfect for overnight, outdoor events as they give guests a chance to refresh themselves.

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Construction sites

If you’re working on a building site that is particularly dirty or muddy, portable shower hire is a must. It means employees can change out of filthy clothes before the end of the day, without travelling home in discomfort. Having a restroom would keep workers happy and hygienic!

Portable Shower Hire During Renovations

If you’re having work done on your house and can’t bear to go elsewhere for a shower, avoid the rigmarole and hire out mobile facilities. This is a great idea if work is going to take a long time on your house, it means you can still function inside your property.  

Sports Events

A lot of sporting events can get a little sweaty. Portable shower hire may be a great way to boost morale. Sport is sweaty by nature, so having a full restroom can be beneficial to everyone taking part. They would be well-received additions to events like marathons or muddy obstacle courses.


Camping is a popular adventure in the great outdoors. It would be even greater if there were showers. If there’s a water and power supply, mobile facilities can help keep you clean and fresh throughout a trip. These are perfect if you’re organising a glamping holiday.

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