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When Should You Hire Event Toilets?

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Portable toilets are an essential part of almost any event. Even if you’re hosting indoors and are certain that you have the appropriate facilities, you still need to make sure that people have access to the appropriate facilities. Failure to do so will either see people leaving or taking matters into their own hands. Not ideal either way.

What Kinds Of Events Do You Need To Hire Portable Toilets For?

The proper containment and disposal of waste is not merely a logistical issue. It is also an environmental one. Woodstock, one of the most famous events in living memory, was notorious for the amount of waste it left. This was in large part due to insufficient waste disposal facilities. And this environmental factor is not just ethical, it’s legal. The UK has strict environmental laws regarding waste and waste disposal. Laws which, if not followed, can lead to massive fines for event holders.

So now you know how important it is to make sure that your event is properly equipped for waste disposal. But what kinds of events, especially, need to be stocked up with portable toilets? Let’s break down the obvious (and less obvious) examples:

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Not only are portable toilets essential at festivals, but you should rent them as far in advance as possible. Festivals without appropriate toilets are destined for infamy. But this much is obvious. Less obvious though is how difficult it can be to hire portable toilets on short notice. The Covid crisis has prompted a serious shortage in portable toilets. The mass opening of vaccination centres and the implementation Covid regulations has seen huge amounts of portable toilets bought up or rented on long term contracts. Those that remain are rapidly snapped up by a demand that far outstrips supply. If you are planning a festival, then make hiring portable toilets your number 1 priority, before you’re left in the number 2. 


Portable toilets are necessary for any party beyond a certain size. Most buildings, even party venues, simply aren’t built with hundreds, or even thousands of people’s lavatory needs in mind. Especially when those people are drinking. Supplying your venue with extra facilities is key to making sure that everyone at your party is having a good time.


Outdoor weddings, or wedding receptions, have become increasingly popular. The beauty of nature can be a wonderful – and cost effective – substitute for private indoor venues. Improper planning however can leave a number of your guests feeling uncomfortable as they realise that there’s nowhere to go to the loo. Don’t let lavatory logistics spoil your big day. Ensuring that your venue has a ready supply of properly located portable toilets for the convenience of you and your guests.

Business Events

Formal or casual, commercial events should always be properly organised. The association of portable toilets and events such as festivals or weddings, can make people forget that any large gathering of people requires proper toilet facilities. Even events within buildings need to hire portable toilets once they are hosting beyond a certain number of people.

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Contact Loo City Hire For More Information About Hiring Portable Toilets For Your Event

Looking to get ahead of the queue when hiring portable toilets for your event? Whatever the occasion, make sure that your event is properly supplied and running as intended. Contact City Loo Hire today for advice, information, and supply.

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