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Why Are Welfare Units So Important?

mobile Welfare Units

By the name, you can probably tell welfare units are important for the wellbeing of whomever uses them. Usually found on construction sites, these are cabins that can comprise of things like a seating area, kettle, microwave, heating, lighting, toilets and a running water supply. All essential things to a person’s physical and mental wellbeing at work. At City Loo Hire, we supply the GP360 and GP500 standard models, which are suitable for many sites. They are important for workers for several reasons, find out more below.

It Is A Requirement

According to HSE, employers must provide the right number of toilets, washing facilities, drinking water and somewhere to rest and eat meals in the workplace. If this isn’t in an existing building, it can be provided in a cabin. These facilities are essential to any workplace.

Break Time

Having a break as a construction worker can be quite difficult on a building site, however it is necessary. If you work on a building site without actual buildings, it can be quite the task to find somewhere to rest. With welfare units, it makes having a break simple and comfortable. With an indoor seating space, this will help give workers the well-deserved rest they need.

GP360 Fusion Pulse Plan Seating Area

Kitchen Facilities

A huge reason why these welfare units are so important are the kettle and microwave provided. Having the ability to make a warm drink is a daily ritual for many people. Making a cup of tea or coffee gives workers something warm to hold, as well as a slight caffeine boost. Warming up food is also a requirement of the workplace, so having a microwave enables this.

Toilet Area

Having the appropriate number of toilets on a site is vital. With both welfare units we offer, there is a toilet and wash basin area. This is convenient for break times.

GP360 Fusion Pulse Plan Canteen Area

Heating & Lighting

Construction sites aren’t for the weak, which is why a welfare unit should provide some heating and lighting. Especially when winter comes and it gets dark very quickly, having somewhere warm and light to recuperate is great for the wellbeing of a team. Workers will be well rested and comfortable in these cabins.

Office Space

As well as seating areas, there are also tables for dining or working. These tables can be used as an office space for those who need it. With the welfare units we offer, generators are supplied so you have electricity for laptop and phone chargers, for example.

GP500 Fusion Pulse Seating Area

For Quality Welfare Units, Contact City Loo Hire

Our GP360 and GP500 provide all services essential for construction workers. They make sure that a team’s hygiene, health, safety and wellbeing is being taken care of. To enquire about hiring one of these cabins, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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