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How To Minimise Toilet Queues At Your Event

Nobody likes queuing a long time for the toilet, especially at an event like a festival or a large wedding. Portable loo hire needs to be executed correctly in order for queues to not be a problem. People can become uncomfortable and tensions can rise if queuing for a basic facility takes a long time. Not only are queues annoying to guests, but they can also be a safety hazard and present an obstruction during emergencies. Read on to find out what we recommend to reduce the amount of queues at your event.

Ensure Correct Quantity

Read our guide on how many toilets your event needs, which tells you the questions you need to ask yourself before the rental period. The best way to reduce queues is to ensure that you have the correct amount of portable loo hire units. If you go for less, you run the risks of people waiting for longer to use them, and they will need emptying quicker. Always make sure there’s a sufficient amount of units in comparison to how many people are attending.

Discuss Placement

Where you put the units during portable loo hire can impact how large queues may get. For example, toilets near the food and drink areas might get more traffic compared to ones further away. If you want to avoid queues, there are a few options. Having the loos dispersed in clusters throughout an event might make it more convenient for others. Or having them all in one space and controlling the queues with an attendant may be your preferred choice.

If possible, make sure there are signs or a map of the toilets at an event. This will avoid people favouring a select few and causing queues.

toilet sign on wall

Consider Urinals

Urinals are a great way to minimise queueing with portable loo hire. Just one unit can cater to multiple people, so reduces the need for them to use a standalone toilet. During portable loo hire, this will help keep the toilet units less busy and free for people who may take a little longer.

Separate Hand Washing Stations

As well as portable loo hire, ensure there is adequate hand washing stations if necessary. People will also be queuing for this, so it’s good to make sure these are placed good distances away from each other.

Portable Toilets lined up

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